I Have 1 Million Dollars Now!

The title my have been a little miss leading I don’t really have 1 million dollars. Today I am going to talk about spending the money ….. on someone else. So after a while I’m back as Girraffe making more blogs.

With 1 million dollars I would give half of it to my parents so we can get a really nice house. Next I would give 100,000 to my church. My sisters birthday wasn’t that long ago so i would get her something nice. Then I would give 2,000 dollars to my school for better restrooms. I would then give some to a charity for homeless people and dogs too. I would buy a PS4 for a random kid on the street and give the rest of the money to my cousin. That was all I could think of and I thought it was pretty nice.

See you next time Girraffe is out bye till next time.

Is it better to trust or not?

Its your man Girraffe back again with another blog on trust.”Is it better to trust others and hurt than to never put your trust in someone else.”

I for one put my trust in many people that I know and love. Trusting someone can get you out of tight spots when you need help. When you trust someone your life can be so much better because you have friends. When I trust someone they trust me back and I feel loved.

Some people I don’t trust because I don’t know them. When you trust someone they can take grated and hurt your feelings. When you trust someone they might not trust you back. Trusting someone can leave you feeling hurt and alone.

This is Girraffe signing off till next time. Come back for mote at Girraffe is the beast. See you next time.

Emoji Story

The once was a baby chick in its egg and it could not walk. It was sad for 3 days and went to bed for 5 days. While the chick was asleep someone left a tiny metal by its egg. When it woke up he saw the metal and ran. The little chick could now walk! Then it saw a cake ad ate it. Then it saw a trophy and ate that. The chick walk to a barn and saw a cow and said hi. The chick took a train to a dog show and saw a poodle in a doodle eating a snicker bar. He saw a cat that was happy eating a happy person. Then he saw a guard for the queen of England. He was eating a pig that was harry and had warts. He died with an eight ball in his hands on the floor of a bathroom in his house.

My music

Its your boy Girraffe here with another blog. On this day I wanted to make a song for the student blogging challenge I went to chrome music lab. if you go to the link below you can here it.


I like to play the marimba and the blocks so I put it together to make my own music. I play the marimba at school because I am in band. I like the sound of it and the way it feels. I also play snare and base drum. when I play I feel like no one is watching or judging me being me.

This has been Girraffe is the beast see you next time

What was I Thinking

Hey it your boy Girraffe here with another blog. I am her to talk about a time I failed at something, what a shock.


One of the times I failed

One time I was taking a test and I misread a question on the test and so I answered it wrong. I thought the question was asking me to answer a math problem and multiply the answer by 3 and it was a grid. I got my test back and I was so sad because of the grade I got.

What I could have done better

The next time I take a math test I will take my time and read the questions so that I won’t miss anything. I will make sure I am right and go through it twice so that I don’t get anything wrong.

This has been another blog be the one and only true Girraffe. See you next time you read another one of my blogs.

Solo or No

Hey its your boy Girraffe back with another blog. This one is about having a partner and if its easier to be with one or not.


Being Solo

Being solo has its ups and downs and I’m here to talk about it. When I work on something alone there is no one to bother me while I work. No one questions what I write down or type. I can do stuff and get it done instead of waiting for me partner to understand. Although you don’t have someone to ask questions or talk to.

Not Solo

When you have a partner you have someone there to help you when you get stuck. You have someone to talk to and sometimes you get the work done faster. Sometimes your partner is lazy and thinks you can do all the work by yourself.

What I think is better

I think it is easier to not have a partner because I get work done faster.


That’s the end of this blog see you next time.

The greatest teacher

Hey its your boy Dawson back with another blog. I come to you on this day that you the reader are reading this to ask do people learn from failure than success?

Failure or success?

I for one do fail sometimes in different ways. I am not good at a lot of things and, but sometimes I get back at it. When I lose I think about what I did wrong and try to fix it. When I win, not very often, I don’t learn anything. What I’m saying is that when you lose you learn and when you win you don’t.Wining is good and all but you don’t what you can do better. When you lose you can fix the problem. So like when you lose you really are wining.

See you next time on Dawson is ok. Still looking for a new name and would like your input. Come again.

Grades are they fair?

Hey its your boy Dawson back with another blog. On the day you are reading this we are going to talk about grades.

Are grades fair?

To me it depends on what the grade is, what subject it, and if your teacher hates you or not. So like if I got an one hundred in history but I did not study I would be like, ¨ I am so lucky¨.

Did you really deserve that grade?

When your teacher hands you your paper and Its a fifty-five. You get made right? I do too Its like when you die in Minecraft but you shouldn´t have. One tie that happened to me and I got so mad that asked the teacher if he graded wrong.


Well that´s it for this blog see you next time. I am thinking of changing the blog name and I would like some input from you. Come back for more.

My dream job

Hey its your boy Dawson back with another blog. I come to you on this day that you are reading this to tell you about my dream job.

What I want to be

I want to be a surgeon. I have always liked the human body and what it is made of. I like to learn about all the organs and what they do. I want to go to a college for surgeons.

Another dream job I might get If all else fails

I would want to be a lawyer. It gives good pay and I can have multiple clients. I would get to be in court and give false or true statements to save my client´s butt. I would also get to say ¨Members of the jury…¨, and it will be cool. There also might be press and I might get famous.

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What my school does right

Hey its me Dawson. l’m back with another blog, but this one might seem a little weird to you. I don’t about you but I like some of the food. Like the french fries. They are tasty and it is filling. The potatoes, too. They are just the right temp. , and they taste good.another god thing is the education. The teachers are good and are friendly. My favorite teacher is Mr. James and my favorite subject is math. I am really good at math and I think it is fun. I like Mr. James because he is funny and friendly. Computer is fun too because I am learning to type faster.Another good thing about school is the events we do like moroland. Moroland is a time when we pay to eat and play games. I really like it because it is fun and i get to hang out with friends.

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