I Have 1 Million Dollars Now!

The title my have been a little miss leading I don’t really have 1 million dollars. Today I am going to talk about spending the money ….. on someone else. So after a while I’m back as Girraffe making more blogs.

With 1 million dollars I would give half of it to my parents so we can get a really nice house. Next I would give 100,000 to my church. My sisters birthday wasn’t that long ago so i would get her something nice. Then I would give 2,000 dollars to my school for better restrooms. I would then give some to a charity for homeless people and dogs too. I would buy a PS4 for a random kid on the street and give the rest of the money to my cousin. That was all I could think of and I thought it was pretty nice.

See you next time Girraffe is out bye till next time.

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